Hi, I'm Lily Bruns

Startup storyteller, anthropologist, and lover of nerd things.

CoCo Chiang Mai

Digital nomads love Chiang Mai, but it doesn't always seem like the city loves them back. CoCo is a community resource and referral service connecting digital nomads with accommodation, services and all the things they need to live, work and play in Chiang Mai.

Startup Chiang Mai

A while ago I wondered how many startups there were in Chiang Mai and never got a good answer. I asked again recently and still nobody knew, so I decided I'd figure out the answer for myself and tell everybody about what I've discovered.

Work vs Cats

I have four cats and I work from home. This isn't always great for my productivity, but people sure do seem to like when I share pictures of it. If I get enough followers on Instagram I might start dropshipping cat related merch and these cute little monsters will finally contribute something to this household.

BeachCity Media

BeachCity asked if I wanted to redo their website, I said yes. Then they asked if I wanted to get out front behind the laptop to do interviews on camera, I said yes to that too. They keep paying me to go nerd out at conferences, it's pretty awesome actually.

CNX Pole

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was dance. I still haven't gotten over the impulse. In grad school I fell in love with pole dance and I was shocked upon my return to Chiang Mai to discover there wasn't already a pole studio here. So I decided to start one.

Chiang Mai Entrepreneurship Association

Some friends and I realized we were each trying to bridge communities and bring together Chiang Mai's best and brightest so we decided to band together. For the last year, we've been hosting monthly meetups that bring together the incredible entrepreneurs that call Chiang Mai home.


In 2017 I decided I was done with having a boss and I went to a coding bootcamp. Since then I've been building websites and consulting with startups and small businesses through my one-woman digital agency, CNX Web.