Responsible for shaping the web presence of this media and “edutainment” startup, I also serve as their on-theground presenter at tech conferences.

A selection of my most memorable interviews:

Jason Calacanis, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and presenter of This Week in Startups. We spoke for 10 minutes before even getting on camera, and former journalist that he is Jason was the one who was asking me a million questions. A kind and inspiring human, I loved meeting him in Hong Kong.

Suphachai Chearavanont, CEO of Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the Board of True Corporation Plc. I have never been so intimidated to do an interview, EVER. Khun Supachai is hands-down one of the most influential people in Thailand and CP group is one of the world’s wealthiest conglomerates. Nevertheless, the sea of handlers parted and allowed me to nab this conversation with him.

Philipp Kristian, futurist, millennial innovation strategist, TEDx speaker and author of The Trust Economy. Such a smart ass, and an absolute delight to interview and spar with on camera. This guy is brilliant, and I love what his family company, Oxytocin Group champions.

Terry Chen, Ph.D, audio engineer and top-shelf nerd human. I adored Terry and made him very uncomfortable when I asked to be his Facebook friend after the interview. He just seemed like the kind of person I’d love to run into again. So sweet.

Juk Kosalyawut, Founder & CEO of Pharmasafe and founder of the Thai Health Tech Association. You hear one founder origin story and you’ve heard them all, but speaking to Juk I was floored by his heart and his dedication.

Kitty Chopaka, Founder of Highland Network and Elevate Cannabis. I immediately wanted to be best friends with this badass and I’ve been lucky to have kept hanging out with her since. This woman is almost single-handedly shaping the cannabis landscape of Thailand, such an inspiration.

Khiddee Ladd, Head of Coworking at HUBBA. We immediately connected over our mutual obsession with coworking and the trials and tribulations of being a third-culture kid and “luk-krung” in Thailand.