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Startup smarts can help anybody. My passion is for the scrappy, innovative, and technologically wondrous world of startups, but the playbooks I’ve developed working with entrepreneurs for the past five years can be applied to business problems small and large.

My background is in marketing and product management, though as is typical in the startup world, I’ve worn plenty more hats than that!

I completed my Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College Business School, one of the top-ranked management schools in the world, and can pass along my business savvy to you and your team.

If you want to get maximum impact out of your time, effort, and attention, I can help you to think like a startup and focus on doing work that drives results.

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My skills and expertise span broadly from strategy to design thinking, branding to management coaching and more, but the following services are what I absolutely love doing, and where I am 200% confident I’ll add value to your business.

1. Fix Your Damn Website Already

Know you need a better website but not sure where to start?

Whether you want to improve your SEO, conversion or branding, I can get you started on the right path with a full website audit. Realizing something needs to be fixed is the easy part, the hard part is knowing what you should focus on first to reach your goals and get the best ROI - that’s where I come in - by giving you an action plan that plays to your strengths and accounts for the needs of your business.

Add a marketing and content audit to get the full picture of how you can improve your funnels and streamline your marketing engine.

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2. Craft Better Brand Messages

Having a hard time spelling out why your project is just the best? Feel like your messaging isn’t connecting the way you need it to?

My marketing specialty is helping teams take a step back to explore the value propositions they make – or as I like to call this service, “helping startups pull their heads out of their asses so they can actually speak to customers.”

When we’re deep in the throes of creation and simultaneously focused on higher-level business strategy and day to day details it’s hard to be objective…

Take a step back and get some clarity so you can understand your brand’s value, craft your identity, and tie in all your messaging and communications in a cohesive, impactful way. It doesn’t just make you look good, it’ll make you more money.

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3. Create Content That Builds Trust

Wondering why it is you’re even blogging or what the point of all this social media content is?

The modern internet runs on content, but so much of it is noise. Is what you’re creating content that captures and engages, or is it just more garbage for people to tune out?

The point of content marketing is to build trust and cultivate a relationship with your customer. The deal’s simple, you demonstrate your value by providing entertainment or education and in turn, you get goodwill and a slice of attention. Is that deal working out for you?

I’ll help you to frame the big picture of your content strategy and hone in on how to utilize each channel to achieve specific business objectives. Whether it’s your blog, Instagram, videos or even your self-help knowledge base, getting a clearly outlined content strategy will ensure you’re investing in marketing that actually serves your business.

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4. Get Ruthless (but Necessary) Feedback

Pretty sure you’ve got something promising on your hands but struggling to figure out the finer details of how it can be improved?

Each of us tends to have a core set of skills we bring to the table but in the resource-strapped context of startups and pilot projects, we’re often asked to wear too many hats at once. This can result in work or products that you’re maybe just not quite sure are awesome all around…

What you need is critical feedback from somebody who understands the context of your business and your goals. Somebody who will take the time to understand your end-user and strategic aims before they do a thorough tear-down of your work.

I’ll give you the tough love you’ve been missing, and I’ll deliver this feedback to you in a way that’s constructive. More importantly, I’ll work with you to craft the step-by-step plan for rolling out improvements in the context of your resource constraints.

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Whether you want guidance launching a new project, have to hire an interim CMO, or need to remove a critical bottle-neck stat to scale your startup, I offer consulting services to fit a variety of business needs. Let’s find your new direction together.

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